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There are many reasons that people cite as their motivation to become a non-smoker. Studies show that having a multifaceted plan that includes motivation, techniques and support is one of the most effective ways to be successful in the quest to become a non-smoker. Use the tips in this article as part of your plan and you can be on your way to success.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, try chewing gum instead. Often times when you try to leave a bad habit behind, you must replace it with a more positive one. Chewing gum allows you to use your mouth and jaw in some of the same ways that smoking does. It is a healthy way to keep yourself busy while you’re working toward quitting.

Keep a cold glass or bottle of ice water nearby at all times. When you get a craving for a cigarette, take a sip of water–even if this means you hardly put the bottle down at first. This gives you something to do with your hands and mouth, and it can be a useful way to prevent snacking, too.

Perhaps nicotine replacement therapy would be helpful. Nicotine withdrawal can lead you feeling restless, irritable, frustrated or depressed. Additionally, the cravings can cause extreme discomfort during the day. These overwhelming feelings may be eased with nicotine-replacement therapy. Studies have shown that people who use some sort of nicotine replacement product are twice as likely to successfully quit smoking. It is very dangerous to smoke while using these products; therefore, to protect yourself avoid smoking if you are using nicotine replacement therapies.

Don’t try to quit smoking without help and support from others. Inform your family and friends of your plan to quit, and accept their love, encouragement, and support as you fight your battle. An outside support group of former smokers can also help. Just by chatting with others going through what you are will help you quit.

Avoid triggering that make you want to smoke. Alcohol is a trigger for many, so when you are quitting, try to drink less. If coffee is your trigger, for a couple of weeks drink tea instead. If you like to smoke after eating a meal, do something else rather like taking a walk or brushing your teeth.

When you are trying to quit smoking, sometimes you have to change other habits which trigger your desire for a puff. Instead of that cup of coffee or that alcoholic drink, have a glass of juice or water. Many people still have an urge to have a smoke after finishing a meal. After a meal, take a walk. Not only will it help take your mind off having a smoke, it will also help keep off the weight that is commonly associated with giving up smoking.

When you are trying to quit smoking, use the method that works best for you. Some people have more success by quitting gradually, while others do better by quitting cold turkey. Try one method, and if it does not work for you, switch to the other method to see if it gives you better results.

Remind yourself of how gross cigarettes are. This will help you focus on quitting because you will think about how dirty they are. Avoid emptying ashtrays so you can see how much you’ve smoked and the terrible smell it leaves behind. You may also want to try filling a jar with the butts and ashes as a reminder.

If you are experiencing an episode of craving, try a deep breathing exercise. When you are focusing on your breathing, focus also on why you want to quit smoking. It will bring oxygen into your body, relaxing you and helping to clear your mind. Deep breathing techniques can quickly and easily be learned.

Try and determine what your smoking habits are. Find out the times where you are tempted to smoke and make the necessary adjustments to quit. Being prepared for cravings will give you a better chance of being able to handle them successfully.

Look into laser treatments to help you quit smoking. This is a new technique that involves putting a laser beam onto certain areas of your body. The laser produces endorphins, which assist in getting rid of the smoking urge. If you would like to learn more, speak with your doctor.

In order to quit, you must believe that you can do it. While the physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms of smoking are difficult, your brain is the most important item in your fight. You must be able to work past your cravings and that fight is all mental. Believe that you can do it and you will see success.

Keep a stopwatch handy when you quit. A craving might mentally feel like it lasts for hours, but in fact the physical feeling passes in less than three minutes. Keep a timer handy and set it for five minutes when you first feel the craving. Once these minutes pass, you know you’re in the clear.

Remember when you begin quitting that the law of addiction is absolutely a part of the equation. This “law” basically emphasizes that giving a drug of choice to an addicted person within the detoxification period will immediately reinstate an addiction. This can be be a worse addiction than it was originally, making smoking within the first 72 hours not worth it!

For the people who stop smoking without the help of cessation techniques, it’s usually accomplished by altering their mindset. Conceptualizing the quitting process as something you must do on a day-by-day basis is a great way to overcome the challenges posed. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective means of implementing major changes in your lifestyle, as well as for severing your emotional ties with tobacco products.

While there are many reasons that people want to stop smoking, there are even more techniques and tricks to help you accomplish this goal. Create a plan to stop smoking and make use of these tips that other smokers have used to quit. You may find that knowing the right tips can make all the difference in your success.

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How To Keep Your Own

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There are countless people who love the idea of fishing, but just have no idea where to begin. If you want to learn about fishing and you’re serious about it, then be sure to check out this article and see what knowledge you can gain about fishing that you can use.

Look for a spot where fish are congregating, and then cast your hook in a place upstream from that area. When you do this, your baited hook will be dragged past the waiting fish. The bait will look more natural as the current does the work for you. This technique is especially useful if fish are collected under a rock or other obstruction.

Make time to check your fishing line on a regular basis to make sure that it has not frayed, knotted or kinked. If it is then cut away the offending piece and then re-knot it onto the lure. You do not want to be reeling in a fish only to have the line snap.

Remember, every fish you catch is not necessarily meant to stay caught. Releasing smaller catches and excessive catches is a common courtesy. If you do not remove many fish from the lake, it makes sure future seasons will have plenty of fish.

Anyone fishing should use quality fishing equipment. Fishing rods and reels come in all shapes and sizes and at all different price ranges. While you don’t need to break the bank when purchasing a rod and reel, you do want to make sure that it will get the job done.

When springtime rolls around, your fishing boat should be ready at a moment’s notice. This requires you to take care of the battery in your boat. Every year, remove your boat battery and store it in your garage or basement in an area that will remain dry during the off-season. Do not place the battery on a concrete floor because the cold from the concrete can shorten the life of the battery.

If you are fishing in a new area, pick up a reference guide. A reference guide can teach you a lot about the local waters, fish that can be found there, and favored forms of bait. This can help you to fish in the best spots and catch more with the bait that you choose.

If you go fishing by yourself, always let someone know exactly where you plan to fish and what time you plan to return from your trip. Follow the schedule and return on time, or check in by phone if you plan to stay later. This can prevent unnecessary worry on behalf of your loved ones.

Never panic if you have managed to hook a big fish. It is important that you fight with the fish instead of reeling in right away, as reeling in too quickly could break your rod. Set your drag, then wait it out. When the fish exhausts itself, you can reel it in.

Always check what the weather will be like before you leave for a fishing trip. Sometimes, the weather may not be suitable for fishing. The best time to go fishing is when there is an overcast sky. Although it is possible to catch fish in other weather conditions, the fish bite better under an overcast sky.

Weather conditions play a big role in how enjoyable your fishing trip is. It is a good idea to bring along a radio or smart phone, so that you can keep tabs on the weather forecast during your trip. Do not be afraid to cut your trip short if inclement weather is on the way.

If you have caught a large fish and it turns around while you are reeling it in, you should let it go. Your line will be too short to be able to let it out and back in again. Next time, you should wait longer prior to reeling in the fish.

Fishing involves a lot of very sharp equipment, and you want to be sure that you use it safely. Get into the habit of storing all of your sharp tackle (knives, hooks, and so on) safely when you are not using it. A loose knife in the bottom of the boat can ruin a good fishing trip.

Remain as quiet as possible when you are trying to catch a fish. Fish do not like a lot of noise, and if you are being noisy, they are going to swim away from you. Keep any talking down to a minimum. If you have a radio on, keep the volume low.

The best time to fish for most types of fresh water fish is at dawn and dusk. Get up early and start fishing the banks of a river, lake or pond, as the sun rises or sets. Also, depending on the time of year, observe the type of insect that is dominant, then try to match your lure to the insect.

Be sure that your fishing line does not fall in the water and never throw it in the water when you are done. This could cause both birds and fish to get tangled in it, which could kill them. Bring a garbage bag with you to throw away any unwanted equipment.

Here’s a fresh water fishing tip for you. Get out of the sun and head for the trees along the bank of the lake or river. Fish love to hang out in the shallow water in the shade of trees and bushes. This is especially true during spawning season. So, when you are out on a lake, take some time to fish in the shade and increase your catch for the day.

You now have some great ideas regarding how to prepare for your next fishing trip. Remember that there’s even more information about fishing out there; this article is an excellent starting point, but there’s still a lot more to learn. There are tons of information out there when it comes to fishing, so remember to keep an eye for new strategies that could help you in learning how to catch fish.

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How to Make the Perfect Paella!

The chef at Palm Oasis (Gran Canaria) makes a delicious giant paella every Sunday, enough for 40 people, so I thought I´d show you how he does it. This versi…

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Josh Groban

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Josh Groban

Event on 2014-08-27 20:00:00

at Mann Center for the Performing Arts
5201 Parkside Avenue
Philadelphia, United States

Josh Groban

Event on 2014-08-16 20:00:00

at Koka Booth Amphitheatre
8003 Regency Parkway
Cary, United States


Electrical Instrumentation Intern

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Electrical & Instrumentation Intern

In this position, an Intern will gain valuable work background and will benefit their education by receiving hands-on training and instruction from higher-level individuals within the organization. This one-on-one guidance will increase an Intern’s knowledge base and provide opportunities to network within the company and within the particular field of study.

Essential Job Functions:

- Follows policies and procedures. Works with integrity and ethically.

- Works cooperatively and efficiently with others.

- Balances team and individual responsibilities.

Education and Background Qualifications:

- Accepts assignments and projects that relate to the particular field of study.

- Performs other related duties as assigned by management.

Skills Qualifications:

- Achieves mutually agreed upon goals at the end of the internship.

Essential Job Functions Under Certain Circumstances:

- Currently attending a four-year college. Computer literate in spreadsheets and microsoft word processing.




Absolutely the best lot in this neighborhood-Culdesac with creek and easement in

that will never be built on for unobstructed views of incredible hardwoods, creek, and blooms.
Mark Spain has

Price: $ 285,000


310 Milesford CT

30022 Alpharetta, USA


Learn Spanish Fast Method

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Learn Spanish – Fast Method – Level 1

http://www.prospanish.co.uk A fast way to learn Spanish. If you really want to learn Spanish and speak Spanish you need to focus on the essentiall strutures….

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Absolutely The Best Lot In

in Spain

Absolutely the best lot in this neighborhood-Culdesac with creek and easement in

that will never be built on for unobstructed views of incredible hardwoods, creek, and blooms.
Mark Spain has

Price: $ 285,000


310 Milesford CT

30022 Alpharetta, USA

Smartphones Product Manager

**General Description**

Define, Develop and Deploy assigned product launching plan, as well as business strategy integration, marketing action plan, and define and follow up the product P&L.; Your main duties will be:

- Manage promotion and communication actions within Corporate Marketing.

- Trends analysis and target orientation.

- Product Training to Customers and Sales teams.

- Develop tools to make easier the Sell Out and improve Sell in.

- Product Profitability and invoicing analysis.

- SCM Management. Supply and Order management .

- Define ATL & BTL actions with Corporate Marketing.

- Sales Analysis and product rotation.

- Develop tools for sales support as Product Brochures, Catalogue, Training, promotional actionn…

**Essential skills / Attributes**

- Improve stock management through sales actions (promotions, quote…)

- Define pricing strategy and policy. Also determine discount policy for customers.

Price: $ 32




Are Hemorrhoids An Issue For

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Many people suffer from hemorrhoids and suffer in silence due to embarrassment. It can be a difficult subject to talk about, but you must talk about it in order to get relief. This article can help you to become educated about hemorrhoid attacks, what causes them and what you can do to alleviate the pain.

To cure your hemorrhoids, try using yarrow tea. You can purchase yarrow tea from your local health food stores. To apply the yarrow tea, you should make the tea and let it brew for a half an hour to ensure its strength. Once the tea is finished brewing, absorb the yarrow tea with a cotton ball and apply to the hemorrhoids.

If you dislike the foods that are high in fiber, you can try a fiber supplement. There are many fiber supplements available to choose from. If you elect to go this route, you will need to consume eight glasses of water with these supplements. The fiber supplements will help to soften your stool.

Another way that you can relieve the pain caused from your hemorrhoid is to go on a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. These sorts of diets are high in fiber, which helps to keep your bowel movements soft. This will relieve the irritation caused by your daily defecation.

Beans are very important to help eliminate hemorrhoids. When you consume beans, you will maximize the quality of your bowel movements, which can help with the irritation that you may get from hemorrhoids. Try to eat a least one meal during the day with beans to help improve your condition.

One of the things that you will need to be aware of with hemorrhoids is the impact of coughing. Try to refrain from coughing as much as possible, since this motion can strain the area of your body that is affected. Take medication if you are not able to control your cough.

Reduce the amount of salt you ingest. A lot of salt in your diet can increase swelling in the body due to water retention. This swelling will also occur in your hemorrhoids. By reducing salt you can alleviate some of your discomfort and help bring your blood pressure down, which also impacts hemorrhoid inflammation.

It is important for you to have a bowel movement when you feel the urge, if you put it off this can lead to constipation as well as encourage the development of hemorrhoids. Put yourself first, and take time for yourself when you feel the urge to defecate. By doing this, you can possibly avoid getting painful hemorrhoids.

Knowing the facts about hemorrhoids can help you diagnose, treat, and possibly cure the problem for yourself or a family member. Hemorrhoids can occur in people of all ages, even children, although they most commonly affect people between the ages of 45 and 65. The main cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. And one of the best ways of preventing them is by eating a healthy diet that’s also high in fiber. Hemorrhoids can range from the size of a small pea to larger than a golf ball. In many cases, they can be cured in a week or two with the proper treatment.

Stay clean! Take care of your hemorrhoids! When you go to the restroom, make sure you clean the area thoroughly, taking care not to irritate it. If your bottom is not clean, bacteria can make its way into your hemorrhoids, and cause inflammation or even an abscess. To prevent these painful occurrences, make sure you wash well and prevent irritation!

Olive oil is a terrific home remedy for hemorrhoids. Olive oil has been shown to reduce both the itching and swelling of hemorrhoids. Apply the olive oil to the external hemorrhoids only. It is not for internal use.

If you have hemorrhoids and you are in excruciating pain, see your doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a thrombosed hemorrhoid, which is a blood clot that forms inside the hemorrhoid. This should be treated immediately.

If you have tried just about everything under the sun to get rid of a large or painful hemorrhoid and nothing works, you may want to consider rubber band surgery. As painful as this may sound it is most effective. With this surgery, a doctor ties tiny rubber bands around the hemorrhoid to remove it.

You shouldn’t always opt to have your hemorrhoids surgically removed. While it is true that your hemorrhoid will be there for life unless removed, you can keep it from ever becoming inflamed as long as you’re eating a healthy diet and are avoiding the things that caused the sore in the first place.

Even without a hemorrhoid, you probably already know what eating spicy food does to you when you have a bowel movement. Logically, you want to avoid these types of foods if you do have ruptured and swollen veins in your rectum. The pain here can be very significant and the effects last for hours.

Sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time, even if you’re not using the bathroom, can be very bad for your hemorrhoids. Exposing your buttocks to that type of direct pressure while your rectum is in this position can cause a lot of strain on your veins and ultimately increase swelling and pain.

After getting out of the bath or shower, try to avoid drying your rectum with a towel if you hope to avoid any hemorrhoid pain associated with flare-ups. Instead, opt for air-drying the area. This may take a little while longer, but you will most definitely appreciate the results here.

A great tip for your painful hemorrhoids is to try to drop a few pounds. This is crucial because being overweight has a direct relation to getting hemorrhoids. The added pressure in the stomach area actually causes there to be increased pressure of the veins around your anus.

As revealed in the beginning of this article, hemorrhoids can cause the patent great pain and embarrassment. They suffer in silence and are afraid to talk about it. This article can help to reveal causes and offer treatments that can reduce the pain. With proper treatment, you can see a reduction in severity and frequency of attacks.


Spanish Wine The Quiet Revolution

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Spanish Wine. The Quiet Revolution. Part 1

Documentary about spanish wine.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Jorge Ordonez Spanish Wine Tasting – Episode #588

Gary Vaynerchuk welcomes Jorge Ordonez a pioneer in the spanish wine industry and a man who has enormous passion for what he does.


Enrique Iglesias Pitbull

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Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull

Event on 2014-10-26 19:30:00

at American Airlines Arena
601 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, United States

Josh Groban

Event on 2014-08-16 20:00:00

at Koka Booth Amphitheatre
8003 Regency Parkway
Cary, United States


Lido Wine Club Thursdays

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Lido Wine Club Thursdays!

Event on 2014-07-31 18:00:00

Ladies & Gents, take a break on Thursday night, and come on down to our often imitated, but never duplicated Lido Wine Club Thursdays!

A great place to bring friends, or meet new friends while socializing with the Southbay's finest.

Lido promises to bring great wines to taste and have all wines available at wholesale prices by the case each week.

From the famous fruit-forward California wines to the Earthy old-world vines, Lido features a host of wineries, countries and themes to test and delight your palette.

The Lido wine club is free to join and only costs /person for 5+ tastings.

Complimentary delicious hors d'oeuvres.

Upcoming Line Up:

Feb 16th Wines from Around the World (featuring Perrier Jouet)

France: Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne – Hard to find, one of the most renowned prestige cuvees in the world. Consistently in Top 10 Prestigious Bottles of Champagne.

New Zealand: Brancott Sauvignon Blanc – little known fact – Brancott was the first winery who planted Sauvignon Blanc to the Marlborough region of New Zealand

Argentina: Graffigna Reserve Malbec

Australia: Jacobs Creek Cabernet Reserve

Spain: Cava – spanish sparkling wine

Perrier-Jouët is a Champagne producer based in the Épernay region of Champagne. The house was founded in 1811 by Pierre-Nicolas-Marie Perrier-Jouët, and produces both vintage and non-vintage cuvee, approximately 3,000,000 bottles annually, with its prestige label named Belle Epoque. One of the three bottles of the world’s oldest champagne, a Perrier-Jouët (vintage 1825) was opened and tasted in 2009.

Mar 1st Regal Wine Company

Mar 8th New Lido Cocktails unveiling with mixologist Matt Martinez

Mar 22nd Tantara Winery

Mar 29th Groth Vineyards

If you decide to stay for dinner you will receive 15% OFF your entire check!! More incentive for fun!!!!

at Paul Martin's American Bistro
2361 Rosecrans Avenue
El Segundo, United States

Friday Night “Live” at Europa Village

Event on 2014-08-02 18:00:00

Join us at Europa Village for live music every Friday night! Admission is open to the public (children welcome), and our Spanish veranda is the perfect place to relax with friends after a long week. During cold-weather months we move indoors to our cozy Italian barrel room. The musicians range from acoustic guitar soloists to 5-piece bands that play classic rock. Visit our website for more information on each week's entertainment. Wine and gourmet paninis are available for purchase, and Societe members receive 20% off.

at Wine country
Temecula, United States


Take That Extra Weight Off

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Losing weight can seem like the most difficult thing in the world to achieve, but having the right knowledge can make a world of difference. Knowing what you are doing and having an informed plan of action makes any task easier. Use the advice in this article to help you finally drop those pounds.

A great way to reach your weight loss goals is to add more fiber to your diet. Dietary fiber helps you to feel full faster. Also, high-fiber foods usually involve a lot of chewing and crunching, so you feel more satisfied when you eat them. This slows you down, so your brain has time to give you the signal that you are full.

When you are trying to cut out evening snacks to help you lose weight, try brushing your teeth just after dinner. This way, you’ll have a reminder not to eat after that meal. Your fresh clean mouth can help motivate you to think of the new healthy body you’re developing with these good habits.

One of the best ways to lose weight is by doing sprints. If you’ve ever seen short distance runners in the Olympics, you’ve noticed how lean and shredded they are. Science has proven that high intensity cardio such as sprints, is the most effective way of shedding fat and preserving lean muscle mass.

If you want to become more fit, take up a sport that you find enjoyable. Playing a competitive sport will help make your workout seem more fun. Also, if you have a team that’s counting on you every week, you’re more likely to go even when you’re tired than if you were doing a solitary workout.

Keep a log to track your workouts. Record the time you spend, the distances you cover and the weight you lift. This will allow you to track your improvements and also show you the areas that could use a little bit of extra work. It can also tell you when you need to increase the challenge of your workouts.

For the best weight loss results carry emergency food packages. Fill them with healthy snacks like mixes that include nuts, veggies, and fruits. When you do this you will always have something on hand when hunger strikes, and will be less likely to cheat and lose sight of your weight loss goals.

Red pepper may seem like an unlikely source for weight loss. However, it is a good idea to keep a shaker of red pepper on hand. Red pepper is known to curb appetite for hours after consumption. It also is known to create a thermic effect on the body that causes it to metabolize fat faster.

Try eating smaller meals instead of bigger meals everday. Having smaller meals scattered throughout the day, not only keeps you from overeating, but it keeps your metabolic rate constant to help you lose weight. These small meals also keep you satiated longer until it’s time for your next small meal.

Keep your calories low to lose weight. You must eat fewer calories than you will burn in order to lose weight. Eat fiber-rich foods to fill you up. Drinking lots of water will also reduce your hunger pangs.

A really good way to lose weight is to stock up on bottled water and keep a bottle with you at all times when you’re out and about. By having bottled water readily available, you won’t have to resort to drinking an unhealthy drink like soda or a mocha latte.

Make sure you are getting some exercise while you are on your diet plan. Exercise in any form is great for helping you to lose those excess pounds. You don’t have to have a gym membership to workout either. You can run, do sit ups and push ups and that will help you in your weight loss efforts. Walking is also another great way to help you lose weight. Try and stay active, get your body in motion to lose the weight.

A great trick if you are not seeing any changes, it to take a picture of yourself. Do this once a week, and after about 4 or 5 weeks look at the first one and the last one, Chances are you will start to notice a small change in your body.

When you are out at a restaurant with friends or family, do not eat the bread that is on the table. Bread can only serve to increase the fat and carbohydrates that are in your body and can hurt your chances of hitting the goal weight that you set out for.

If you are eating out and trying to lose weight, share your dessert. Eating out is a treat, and it is understandable that you would not want to skip the dessert portion of the experience. However, you can cut your fat and calories in half by deciding that you will always share your dessert rather than eat it all yourself.

Write it down! When you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to keep track of what you are eating. An easy way to do that is to keep a food journal. Make note of everything that you snack on throughout the course of a day, as well as your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Your age is a determining factor in the type of weight loss program you decide to embark on. Everyone has a metabolism, but as you age and depending on your gender, you will see that as you age, you will have to work harder to boost your metabolism because it naturally will slow down. So, take initiative and start working towards your weight loss goals today, so that you will be in better shape as you age.

As with anything, understanding the situation is half the battle. You’re never going to achieve your weight loss goals without a clear understanding of what you need to do. By using the tips and techniques you’ve learned in this article, you can give yourself the knowledge you need to get rid of that extra weight.


Spain Sevilla Spring Fashion Woman

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Spain Vacation eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:


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End Date: Monday Jul-28-2014 13:50:32 PDT
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Vacation in Spain. 35 mm Slides EX

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Edukick Soccer Education Academies

in Madrid Spain

Toronto, Canada July 25, 2014

EduKick offers 2014/15 academic year study abroad courses for footballers. Since 2001 EduKick International Soccer & Education Academies offers academic year football academy boarding schools in SPAIN, ENGLAND, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, BRAZIL, USA & MEXICO with full-time educational options including, ESL, EFL, BTEC Sports Science, Foreign Language Study, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning.

EduKick International Football Academies are intensive soccer training and language immersion or academic programs, typically designed for students aged 13 to 23 years of age. The programs combine daily professional football training and daytime structured language classes, High School academics or sports science courses taught by highly qualified coaches and teachers. Evening cultural activities and weekend trips to popular tourist attractions and historical destinations compliment the young student-athlete’s overall experience.

EduKick’s You Tube Channel allows interested parties to view hundreds of EduKick academy videos prior to deciding to register or not. The EduKick players live in the selected country and are totally immersed in its language and culture. In their academies scattered around the planet, all football training sessions, academic and language classes and social activities are conducted in the foreign language to maximize the youth’s opportunity to acquire proficiency in the new language and enhance his or her overall cultural experience abroad.

The two most popular EduKick Soccer & Education Academies are Madrid, Spain and Manchester, England, where EduKick regularly registers 20 to 30 international soccer players for the academic year. In Manchester, for example, for the 2013/14 academic year 28 players attended the course and they came from a total of 21 different countries. The intercultural exchange and appreciation that transpires between the participating EduKick academy players is impressive and educational for these young aspiring footballers.

At EduKick Madrid, international players not only train daily under the EduKick technical Spanish coaches, but are also inserted onto a local team for three additional evening training and weekend match play. This intercultural exchange with Spanish footballers benefits EduKick participants immensely both linguistically and on the football pitch.

Educational options at EduKick Manchester International Football Academy include, English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL), BTEC Sports Science, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning.

The EduKick Manchester affiliated school, International House Manchester is recognized and licensed by UK Visa & Immigration to sponsor students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System (a Highly Trusted Sponsor). In other words, EduKick is able to get it’s participating players Student Visas that allow them to reside legally in England for the duration of the course.

At EduKick Madrid educational options include Spanish Language Study at their affiliated language institute, International House Madrid or younger academy players can attend the EduKick Madrid affiliated private middle/High School, Alameda de Osuna.

Many North American participants at EduKick Madrid elect to study US grade 8-12 Online Distance Learning (in English) with an accredited online (virtual) High School recognized by their home school institution. EduKick provides WiFi access in all of their accommodation set-ups in each of their eight venues worldwide, allowing players the option to study online in their native language.

In addition to Madrid and Manchester, EduKick also has other venues around the world for aspiring soccer professionals to consider, including Perugia, Italy; Cannes France; and Hennef, Germany in Europe and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Santa Barbara, USA; and Belo Horizonte, Brazil in the Americas.

For more information on EduKick and their academic year study abroad courses for competitive soccer players, check out their EduKick “frequently asked questions” page or contact them directly at the contact information provided in this release.

EduKick Mission: To operate the world’s leading international soccer/football and education academy boarding schools; building strong business relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical international football environment. To teach, inspire and create the best technical and physically fit student-footballers possible and create international students with inter-cultural competence (ICC) enabling them to compete professionally and athletically in the modern competitive world.


Kroc Center Of Memphis

in Family Fun

Kroc Center of Memphis Reviews

800 E Pkwy S
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (5 Reviews)

Review by Jeannine H.
The Kroc center is a wonderful oasis in the Memphis community. Not only does it have first rate workout facilities, a wonderful aquatic center and splash…
Rating: 5

Memphis Zoo Reviews

2000 Prentiss Pl
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (118 Reviews)

Review by Jacob L.
Maybe I’m spoiled by prior experience at Brookfield (Chicago), St. Louis, and Denver, but Memphis’s zoo falls into the “just okay” category for…
Rating: 3


Designer Wines Full Documentary

in Wine

Designer Wines – Full Documentary

This is a fascinating look into the origins or wine making and of the first countries to produce great wines. Wine is composed of 500 chemicals – sugar, etha…

Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Syrah – Red Wine Guide

http://betterbook.com/wine Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old guides you through four premium varieties of red wine: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet …

Video Rating: 4 / 5


Smart Destinations Introduces Most Popular

in Family Vacation

Boston, MA July 25, 2014

This month, Smart Destinations has released a new Signature Package in the San Diego market ? the Most Popular San Diego Attractions package. The pass offers admission to SeaWorld San Diego, the San Diego Zoo, and LEGOLAND California for one low price. This special bundled package features Smart Destinations? top-selling San Diego attractions at the best available price.

The Most Popular San Diego Attractions package saves travelers 31% on regular combined admission costs. This discount saves a family of four over $ 220 on combined admission prices, leaving more room in the vacation budget for souvenir shopping, dining, and all the little extras that make a trip special. With no delivery costs or added fees, the Most Popular San Diego Attractions package is an easy choice for the savvy traveler.

Like all of Smart Destinations? Signature Packages, the Most Popular San Diego Attractions package combines a curated selection of top attractions together on one easy-to-use pass that?s convenient, budget-friendly, and hassle-free. With Smart Destinations? exclusive digital delivery, passes can be displayed on a smartphone for entry without the stress of keeping track of multiple tickets or paper booklets. Travelers can also choose to print out the pass for admission.

The Most Popular San Diego Attractions package joins a collection of Signature Packages in San Diego. Other best-selling packages include the San Diego Family Fun Pass (available this summer only), the Top San Diego Attractions Pass, and the Big Four Pass. For more information on these and other popular Signature Packages, as well as the all-inclusive Go San Diego Card and the customizable Go Select San Diego Pass, visit http://www.smartdestinations.com.

About Smart Destinations

Smart Destinations helps travelers enjthe linoy more activities in their destinations for less. With both mobile and physical multi-attraction passes, visitors enjoy flexible purchase options, savings of up to 55% off regular admission prices, and the convenience of skipping e at most popular attractions. Available online and at walk-up retail outlets, Smart Destinations passes, including Go City Cards, Explorer Passes and Go Select Passes, provide admission to more than 400 attractions across nine U.S. destinations, including New York, Orlando, Oahu, San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Boston. For more information, visit: http://www.smartdestinations.com.


Simple Concoctions For Kids Have

in Family Fun

Dallas, TX July 26, 2014

One of the funnest activities for kids is making concoctions. Simple concoctions for kids and easy ways for Moms to be organized have been released on Kids Activities Blog. Kids of all ages, and parents, too, love to make concoctions.

Concoctions are a great way to explore substances, textures, colours and chemical reactions. Kid’s hearts jump at the sounds of scented foam, edible dough, stretchy slimes, and mucky goops. The best part of this is that all of the concoctions are made with 3 ingredients or less.

Puffy no bake paint, polka dot slime, rainbow salt dough, cloud dough, jello silly putty, glittery gold slime, chilly pretend ice cream dough, peanut butter play dough, and sand foam dough are only a few of the many recipes listed on Kids Activities Blog. The list includes recipes for children of any age level.

Keeping the household organized is a full time job. When something goes awry, the whole family is affected. Accidentally leaving a lunch on the kitchen counter until the evening can create a domino-effect of chaos. Moms are sharing 5 tricks that keep the house from falling into a big overwhelming mess.

Mail management keeps the kitchen counter free from a mountain of letters. Once the mail is picked up from the mail box, go straight to the recycling bin before putting it anywhere in the house. Instantly make mail stacks for Dad and Mom and put it into the office or desk in the house.

Other tips include making a central family calendar, using a file management software, getting the kitchen organized so kids can help, and scheduling home office hours on the family calendar.

For detailed instructions and to get additional fun ideas, check out Kids Activities Blog this week. Come get inspired to get better organized and let the kids have a blast this summer.

About Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog is a website created by two moms (who collectively have 9 children), Holly Homer and Rachel Miller. Their new book was published this spring by Page Street, 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! Kids Activities Blog is an interactive website that publishes fun things to do with kids twice a day. It is an amazing resource for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and teachers to find kid-friendly activities that create memories and sneak learning into the fun.


Physician Assistant

in Fun

Physician Assistant

. Adjustable hours. Pay range .00 – .00 an hour. May negotiate if right applicant. Atmosphere is fun



95814 Sacramento, USA

Halloween Retail Associates

supplies. We offer great pay, flexible schedule, a freakishly fun workplace environment, and a thrilling 30



48120 Dearborn, USA


Leger Metrics Partners With Mexicos

in Spanish Food

Montreal, Canada July 24, 2014

Leger Metrics, a leading provider of Customer Experience Management and Voice of the Customer solutions, is pleased to announce today that it has signed a partnership with Brain Research a leading marketing research company headquartered in Mexico City.

As part of the agreement, both companies will partner to develop the Mexican market allowing the country?s leading consumer brands to take advantage of Leger Metrics powerful tools to measure and monitor the customer experience. Combined with Brain?s understanding of the Mexican consumer market and backed by its extensive expertise marketing research services, Mexican consumer brands will benefit from state of the art voice of the customer technology and insights derived through Brains marketing research and analytics capabilities.

?This agreement will allow Brain to offer its clients with a more comprehensive suite of tools for measuring the customer experience,? said Laura Ruvulcaba, President and CEO of Brain Research. ?Many consumer brands in Mexico continue to rely on traditional market research methods. By providing ?in the moment? consumer feedback and real-time reporting, our clients will be able to better understand what?s driving the customer experience and what actions they need to take to drive customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty,? continues Ruvulcaba.

?We believe that there is an excellent opportunity for better customer feedback tools and solutions in Mexico and the boarder Latin American market,” says Richard Pridham, President and CEO of Leger Metrics. ?Our products have been fully localized for the Spanish market. With a partner like Brain, we will be able to deliver exceptional value to brands in the multi-location retail, foodservice, hospitality, banking and consumer products space,? says Pridham.

About Brain Research

Brain is a full service market research consultancy serving an extensive range qualitative and quantitative marketing research services to customers in Mexico and Latin America. Brain services clients in several market sectors including retail, food service, banking, consumer packaged goods and the public sector. Brain Research is one of the few marketing research providers in Latin America which has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. Brain is also the Mexican representative in the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of market research. For more information about Brain Research, visit http://www.brain-research.com.

About Leger Metrics

Leger Metrics Inc. is a leading North American supplier of Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions. Leger Metrics provides cloud-based customer feedback management, real-time reporting and customer recovery solutions. Clients range from multi-location retail, restaurant, automotive, financial services and to healthcare. Leger Metrics solutions enable consumer brands to foster deeper engagement, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through continuous customer feedback and real-time actionable insights. Leger Metrics is a division of Leger, The Research Intelligence Group, the largest Canadian-owned market research firm with offices throughout Canada, in the United States and in Zurich, Switzerland. For more information: http://www.legermetrics.com.


Wonderfully Original New Nocost App

in Fun

Cupertino, CA July 26, 2014

After much anticipation, the inventive and creative developers at Those Pixels have released Mr. Painter in the App Store, and unleashed a unique new world of curiosity, discovery, mystery and fun.

Unlike anything that the app world has ever seen before, Mr. Painter is partly game, partly puzzle, and 100% addictive. Users must help Jepeg?? Painter (a.k.a. Mr. Painter) travel through five spectacular game worlds, each with its own unique quirks and patterns. In total, there are a whopping 1500 patterns to unlock, including some that the folks at Those Pixels promise are the most insane and craziest ever imagined.

However, the goal isn?t exclusively to stay awake all night solving patterns (although this is certainly part of the app?s delightful appeal). It?s really about unlocking the pages of Jepeg???s diary ? page by page ? to help him discover who he truly is. There are plenty of secrets to uncover, including some that are totally unpredictable and thoroughly unforgettable, such as how Jepeg?? can adopt some features and styles of famous painters like Vel?zquez or Van Gogh.

Other Mr. Painter special features include:

Power-ups to help make difficult patterns easier to solve, and catch a glimpse of the next puzzle on the horizon
The ability to unlock the app?s ?Endless Mode? in each of its five worlds in order to achieve higher and higher scores
Integrated social networking to connect with friends and share scores via Facebook and Twitter
Outstanding graphics and sound effects that bring the iPad/iPhone screen to life
A steady stream of no-cost updates which offer new gameplay features, worlds, secrets, patterns, Power Ups and more

?Our vision with Mr. Painter was to create something completely new that iOS users have never experienced before,? commented the Those Pixels team. ?And with 1500 patterns ranging from very easy to ultra-hard, numerous astonishing secrets, and the chance to compete with friends and be the best, we couldn?t be more excited. However, this is just the beginning. We?ll be constantly sending out updates so that both existing and new users have even more reasons to love the weird and wonderful world of Mr. Painter!?

Mr. Painter, the wonderfully original new no-cost app that takes users on unique journey of discovery, mystery and fun, is available now in the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/mr.-painter/id810340354.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Those Pixels at +1 408 757 0156 or press (at)appshout(dot)com.

About Those Pixels

Based in Spain, Those Pixels develops creative, unique and fun games for iOS. The company is driven to discover new ideas that surprise and delight users of all ages, around the world.

Learn more at http://www.thosepixels.com.


Lot Original Air Travel/ Tourism

in Spain Vacation

Spain Vacation on eBay:

LOT Original Air Travel/ Tourism Ads – TWA, Vacations Unlimited, Cairo, Spain

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End Date: Sunday Jul-27-2014 0:00:40 PDT
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Somali Coast South West Africa

in Spain

Spain on eBay:


.29 (5 Bids)
End Date: Friday Jul-25-2014 20:06:04 PDT
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End Date: Thursday Jul-31-2014 14:08:17 PDT
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SPAIN MOROCCO STRAITS SETTLEMENTS 1906-1945 Lot of 74 on Scott Album Pages

.00 (12 Bids)
End Date: Friday Jul-25-2014 20:08:08 PDT
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1783 MO FF 1 REAL El Cazador Shipwreck Coin,NGC Certified, Very Good Condition

.01 (11 Bids)
End Date: Friday Jul-25-2014 21:00:36 PDT
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How To Cook Paella

in Spanish Food

How to Cook Paella – recipes for Spanish Cuisine and Tapas

Learn how to cook Paella, Tapas: Tortilla Espanola and Pita. Recipes for Spanish Cuisine from the Grill Sergeants. Recipes: http://www.pentagonchannel.mil/Po…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

iTravel: SPAIN – Spanish Cuisine

Jackie interviews local Spaniards about typical, traditional Spanish cuisines as she travels around the country… I hope you’re not hungry; you might be aft…


Uncorked Fine Wine

in Wine

Uncorked Fine Wine Reviews

29117 US Highway 98
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Review by Sonya V.
Another five stars to Keith! They have moved just South of the old location on the service road, but still have the little bar in the back.

Things I…
Rating: 5

Red or White Wine & Gourmet Reviews

323A De La Mare Ave
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (5 Reviews)

Review by Sonya V.
The ONLY reason I withhold that last star is because I haven’t had the food yet. Randy is so nice and the atmosphere is beyond cool. To me it is like a…
Rating: 4



in Spanish

Rincón 38 Reviews

3801 Grand Ave S
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (60 Reviews)

Review by Paola M.
Do I dare? Yes I do, service was good and food was tasty, but honestly it felt like most dishes were prepared well ahead of time and not necessarily from…
Rating: 3

Solera Reviews

900 Hennepin Ave
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (191 Reviews)

Review by Keith M.
Authentic this ain’t: I lived in Spain in case you’re wondering what I’m basing that statement on. I 100% agree with Lisa R. on the “no tortilla” situation….
Rating: 3


Most Popular Madrid Spain Auctions

in Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Original Slide Spain: RENFE B-B-B Electric 278-024-5 In 1979 At Madrid

.15 (2 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Jul-26-2014 7:06:16 PDT
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Real Madrid Champions League La Decima Espana Spain UEFA Campeon T Shirt

End Date: Friday Aug-22-2014 18:54:39 PDT
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The Little Gym Of Houston

in Family Fun

Houston, TX July 25, 2014

The Little Gym of Houston will attend the 3rd Annual Family Fun Fest on Sunday, July 27 at Discovery Green in downtown Houston. The eleven Houston-area franchises include Memorial, Copperfield, Katy, Pearland, Friendswood, Spring, The Woodlands, Sugarland-Missouri City, Kingwood, Bellaire and their newest location in The Heights.

?We?re thrilled to be attending and performing at the Family Fun Fest this year,? said Heather Belcher who owns the Sugarland-Missouri City location. ?We believe in the message and curriculum The Little Gym has to offer, and we?re excited to share that with families from all over Houston.?

The Little Gym performs on stage at from 1 p.m. to 1:20 p.m., and plans to showcase some of the games and activities students experience in class. They will also have an on-site booth with additional activities and information for new sign ups.

Houston Family Fun Fest opens at noon on Sunday and runs until 4 p.m. More information about the event can be found at http://www.houstonfamilyfunfest.com.

About The Little Gym

The Little Gym is an internationally-recognized children’s physical development center. The Little Gym’s focus on “Three-Dimensional Learning” incorporates physical, mental and social development, within the context of a fun, non-competitive gym environment. In addition to parties, The Little Gym offers regular classes and camps for children from four months to 12 years old, ranging from gymnastics and sports skills to karate and dance. More information, including a list of locations, can be found at http://www.thelittlegym.com/Pages/Houston-Area.aspx.


Get Rid Of Allergies Once

in Spanish Wine

While there are many different options for dealing with allergies, it can seem like an insurmountable problem for those with constant symptoms during the changing of seasons. Don’t give up on feeling better! Read the tips in this article to find out ways to deal with your allergy symptoms for good.

You might want to open up your windows whenever the weather is beautiful in order to save some money on your electricity bill. However, this can cause your allergies to flare up. To get the most noticeable results, get a HEPA filter for your air conditioning unit, thereby reducing the allergens that make it indoors. Although it might not seem quite as fresh, it will help you breathe better.

If you suffer from allergies, choose a vacuum cleaner with disposable bags. While these vacuums are less ideal environmentally, they tend to be better for allergy sufferers because they trap dust, dander, pollen and more inside, rather than exposing you to the irritants when you empty a canister into the trash.

Make your home a little more allergy-free by implementing a no-shoes policy. Why? Because shoes come in from outdoors and carry with them dirt and pollen among other things, only adding to the indoor allergens you are already trying to eliminate. When guests come, offer them slippers or socks you keep especially for this purpose!

Determine why you itch. Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether the itchy, raised welts on your skin are hives or just insect bites. If the bumps appear all over your body, they are probably hives. Insect bites, on the other hand, appear in clusters and on the arms on legs. Topical products are ideal for either ailment; oral anti-histamine is recommended to treat allergies, but is not necessary for insect bites.

Instead of treating your child’s allergy symptoms only as they occur, discuss preventive measures with a pediatrician. Studies have shown that allergy medications are most effective when taken routinely throughout the year, not just during allergy season. A physician can determine whether or not this approach is appropriate for your child.

If you have already tried countless things and you are stil experiencing allergies, then you might want to ask your doctor for advice. Doctor-recommended medication can be a powerful weapon in the fight against allergies and their symptoms. Other options that are available to you can be discussed as well.

Many people do not realize they might be exposing themselves to increased allergens just, by the way, they dry their clothes. If you suffer from allergic reactions to pollen, then hanging your clothes outdoors to dry can cause allergic reactions. When the clothes hang, they collect all the pollen that is blown in the breeze while drying.

It is important that you watch what you eat and drinks, if you suffer from ragweed allergies. Believe it or not, certain foods and drinks can trigger your ragweed allergy symptoms. Some of the foods you need to avoid include cucumbers, bananas, sunflower seeds, melons, zucchini, and chamomile tea.

Take caution when reading the newspaper. This may sound crazy, but if you often have allergies that irritate your skin, your newspaper might be hurting you. Try sticking your newspaper in the oven for a few minutes to bake the ink on the paper more, and you will experience less skin allergies on your fingers and hands.

If you have tried everything possible to help your allergies and it is still not working, you might want to talk to your doctor about allergy shots. Although there is no cure for allergies, allergy shots have made a huge difference in the lives of many allergy sufferers out there. See if there are shots available for your type of allergies.

Sometimes, new clothing can contain chemicals or other allergy-causing substances that can cause a rash or hives upon contact with your skin. When you buy new clothing, be sure to wash each item before you wear it. This is particularly true of man-made materials such as nylon and rayon.

Almost everyone knows another person who claims to be allergic to practically every substance in the universe and experiences a laundry list of symptoms in response. Actually, the effects of an allergic reaction are limited to any combination of only three symptoms. These include swelling (edema) of the mucosal membranes and skin, increased mucus secretion and smooth muscle spasms. Knowing the true signs of an allergic reaction can help you to determine whether or not medical assistance is needed.

One good way to reduce allergic reactions is to dust your home each week. Polishing furniture will remove dust which will reduce the amount of allergens in the home.

If you experience itching, swelling, or redness after removing rings or earrings, you may have a nickel allergy. This metal is often found in inexpensive jewelry, it causes allergy symptoms in many people. Look for jewelry specifically labeled “nickel-free” to prevent this reaction from occurring in the future.

If you like to exercise outdoors, during allergy season limit your exposure to the early morning or early evening hours. Pollen count surges during the middle of the day, so noon and early afternoon is the worst time for someone with allergies to be outside. Stick to indoor activities during that time.

Be sure that you are drinking enough fluids (preferable water) when your allergies are flaring up. Fluids help flush out mucus from allergy symptoms while also keeping you hydrated. However, too much water can also flush out minerals your body needs, so be sure to take a multivitamin as well.

To prevent accidental ingestion of allergy-causing food items, think about putting the whole family on a special diet free of such foods. Ridding your home of all allergy-inducing foods is the best way to keep your family safe.

Nasal irrigation symptoms, like neti pots and non-drowsy antihistamines, like Claritin, are both options for dealing with allergies that are inexpensive and easy. Staying informed about your options is the best way to deal with your allergy symptoms. Remember the tips in this article, so you can stop sneezing constantly!

Spanish Wine. The Quiet Revolution. Part 1

Documentary about spanish wine.

Family Vacation Day Part

in Family Vacation


The fam and I just got back from vacation! So here is the first video of many to come!

Family vacation 2014

Cruise i Middelhavet.

Video Rating: 3 / 5